Maths Categories

Categories of Maths Tests

Math Quiz provides a comprehensive base of online tests for revision of maths topics, which are a compulsory part of the education program (Primary and Secondary School). The platform and the tests are designed to create a convenient space for effective preparation before Maths exams. The tests are divided into the subcategories listed below, to make sure you will find tests on the topics relevant for you. Study smart with Math Quiz!

Primary School Mathematics

Category for Primary School. Primary School level includes maths tests covering both Foundation and Higher tiers. In this category you can test your knowledge of such areas as algebra, arithmetics, factors, linear equations, geometry and more. Click one of the following shortcuts to browse the tests:

Algebra Decimals Functions Quadratic Equations
Algebraic Fractions Equations Indices Ratio, Proportion and Scales
Angles, Straight Lines Facorisation Inequalities Sequences
Areas and Volume Factors Measurements Statistics
Arithmetic Formulae Percentages Triangles
Circles Fractions Probability Trigonometry
Coordinate Geometry

Secondary School Mathematics

In the Secondary School category you can test your Maths skills at a college level. Revise and improve your knowledge of such topics as: arithmetics, trigonometry, polynomials, matrices and more. Click one of the following shortcuts to browse the tests:

Algebra Complex Numbers Integration Matrices
Arithmetic Differentiation Linear Equations Polynomial Equations
Binomial Series Functions Logarithms Series